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CompManagement Health Systems Client Bulletin

New program with Walgreens simplifies
prescription process for workplace injuries                
February 26, 2014

CompManagement Health Systems (CHS) has worked with Walgreens to bring clients a new program that streamlines the prescription process and helps injured employees quickly obtain their initial medications before a claim number is issued by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).

Typically, when a work-related injury occurs, the employee seeks medical treatment before the claim is filed with BWC and assigned a claim number. When the employee tries to fill a prescription from the treating physician without a claim number, the pharmacy has no way to bill for the medication and will often require the employee to pay for it out-of-pocket, which can cause unexpected financial burdens and frustration.

With this innovative program, a prescription can be filled for an employee before a claim number is formally issued by BWC. The key benefits for injured employees include:

  • Immediate access to required medications often prescribed to reduce pain and prevent infection
  • No need to pay out-of-pocket for covered medications
  • No need to wait for reimbursement
  • Quicker relief and recovery

When BWC assigns a claim number after an injury occurs, the employer provides Walgreens with the information and Walgreens submits a bill to BWC for payment.

Michelle Ripley, Safety and Risk Manager for Portage County, began this convenient program in 2012 and it has helped the county’s injured employees quickly obtain their prescription medications. The county presented this program as an additional benefit to their employees and received great feedback.

To participate, prior arrangements must be made with a local Walgreens pharmacy. If
you are interested in offering this program as a part of your organization’s workers’ compensation benefits, please contact your CHS Account Executive at 888-247-7799 or
send an email to   

Another option available to improve the initial prescription process is to report new claims on the BWC website immediately after an injury occurs. The acute nature of some injuries may not allow this step to be taken before medical treatment must be provided. However, once a claim is filed through the BWC website, a claim number is issued immediately. To execute an online injury report, you must create an e-account on the BWC website. If you file a claim online with BWC, we strongly recommend that you follow through with the standard injury documentation and investigation protocols.

As always, your CHS Account Executive can help you establish a sound injury reporting procedure and connect you with useful resources in your area.

For questions, please contact your Account Executive or reach our customer service team at or 888-247-7799.

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