2022 Product Recall Index: Edition 3
Essential insight and analysis for mitigating recall risk

The latest edition of Sedgwick’s Recall Index report is here – providing manufacturers, suppliers and retailers with vital and unbiased perspectives on past, present and future recall data and product safety trends.
In addition to offering unrivalled analysis of 2022, the Index also shares key insights and guidance into the economic, regulatory and legal developments shaping product safety in five key industries: automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer products.
Product recalls are one of the toughest tests of corporate leadership. As supply chains become more diverse, and regulatory environments more complex, companies face increased liability and exposure.
Download your copy now and discover why the Index has established itself as the essential ‘go-to’ guide for product safety and risk mitigation in more than 90 countries.

Download and discover:

  • Why 2022 is a record-breaking year for U.S. product recalls, and what's in store for 2023
  • The safety risks topping the priority lists of the CPSC, FDA, NHTSA, and USDA
  • Top causes of recalls across five key industries
  • Best practices for navigating the current business and regulatory environment
  • The latest recall data and trends, and predictions for the remainder of the year

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