Product recall index: edition 1, 2021

The first edition of Sedgwick’s highly anticipated 2021 recall index report is here – with all the latest recall data, trends, insights and predictions you need as we continue to navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic and a new administration.
This edition goes beyond comprehensive recall data and offers a deep dive into the regulatory and legal challenges facing the automotive, food and drink, pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer product industries.
There has never been a more important time for companies to ensure they are informed about the latest regulatory and legal developments. Our latest recall index gives you all of that and more.

Within the report, you’ll discover:

  • The safety risks on the top of priority lists at the CPSC, FDA, NHTSA and USDA
  • Top causes of recalls in each industry
  • What to expect from regulators as the Biden administration charges ahead
  • The inevitable risks that come with re-opening and a return to normalcy
  • Best practices for navigating the current business and regulatory environment
  • Recall data, trends and predictions for 2021 and beyond

Sedgwick’s first edition of the 2021 recall index provides key insight on the following industries:




Food & Drink




Medical Device


Consumer Product

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