Sedgwick repair solutions
Mapfre Insurance

*Program available to customers with the MAPFRE Loyalty Rewards Program Endorsement CIC-2237 or CIC-2238 attached to a MAPFRE policy, as indicated on your Declarations Page.

Terms and conditions

By this offer, MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp. and its insurance affiliates (collectively, “MAPFRE”) provide you the opportunity to access home improvement contractor services provided by Sedgwick Repair Solutions ("Sedgwick").  Sedgwick is responsible for the operation and performance of any products and services associated with its home improvement contractor services. 

MAPFRE has no control or influence over the design or quality of Sedgwick home improvement contractor services, including any product or the services provided by, or on behalf of, Sedgwick. MAPFRE assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to the performance or the actions of Sedgwick or its agents. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties regarding the product or any associated services, you must contact Sedgwick. 

This offer (including these terms and conditions) DOES NOT change, in any way, the coverage provided by your MAPFRE home insurance policy. In the event of a home related loss, whether or not involving the products or services offered by Sedgwick, the terms and conditions of your policy will determine the availability of insurance coverage.
This offer is being provided to you as a MAPFRE insured. MAPFRE may, in its sole discretion, terminate your ability to access the benefits provided by this offer at any time, including, without limitation, upon the termination of your MAPFRE home insurance policy.