EDITION 1, 2020

The First Quarter 2020 Recall Index is here – with everything you need to know to manage the new world and regulatory environments we’re now living in.

Discover how to navigate product safety challenges and recalls in one of the most challenging environments we’ll ever experience – from remote workforces and compromised supply chains, to emotional, distracted, and exhausted consumers and retailers.

Download and discover:

  • The biggest recall management challenges we’re seeing as the world focuses on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The top reasons for recalls in Q1 2020 and the most frequently impacted items across food, drugs, medical devices, consumer products and automotive sectors.

  • How to ensure your recall is effective when your customers are distracted and overwhelmed by the increased burdens and emotional toll of their new “normal.”

  • Our predictions on the evolving regulatory environment in 2020 and beyond.


Explore the First Edition 2020 Recall Index report

Automotive insight

Within the First Edition 2020 Recall Index report, discover:

  • How the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders will impact automotive recalls
  • The importance of maintaining a relationship with drivers and consumers when driving significantly lessens
  • How to support dealers who have been forced to shrink or shutter their business

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Food & beverage insight

Within the First Edition 2020 Recall Index report, discover:

  • The impact of product shortages on the recall process
  • Recall communication and logistics challenges caused by COVID-19
  • How to best support retailers and food service providers whose business model and customer relationships have changed

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Consumer goods insight

Within the First Edition 2020 Recall Index report, discover:

  • Our predictions for the most likely recall causes in the coming months
  • The impact of CPSC's "batching" of recall announcements
  • How to plan for “rolling recall” announcements resulting from challenges related to COVID-19

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Medical device insight

Within the First Edition 2020 Recall Index report, discover:

  • What new-market entrants making products from hand sanitizer to ventilators need to know now
  • The impact the current relaxed regulatory environment will have on future product recalls
  • What to expect when this period of emergency-use authorizations and enforcement-discretion ends

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Pharmaceutical insight

Within the Second Edition 2020 Recall Index report, discover:

  • Why you need to be worried about overseas manufacturing
  • The potential impact of enforcement-discretion on current and future recall activity
  • How the response to COVID-19 will change the industry’s future

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2020 Recall insights report: first edition

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